Fine Art Painter & Pet Portraitist

 My name is Lisa Petry-Burt. I've been an artist since approximately age six, when I participated in an elementary school art show. 

I experimented with many art mediums, and was a professional ceramic artist for many years.  Then, in 2016, I began oil painting and realized I had both an affinity and passion for it! 

My art has developed and grown over time, mostly through lots of passion, dedication, solitary exploration, observation, imitation, trial and error.  I'm  inspired by the beauty of the Colorado mountains and plains, and by the wildlife and nature that abounds and surrounds me here. 

I enjoy painting still life, combining old, unusual, beautiful or funky objects that tell a story, evoke a feeling, or cause a reaction. Still life paintings are a way for me to allow the viewer to be impacted on a personal level, and to write their own mental story about them.

From hamsters to hummingbirds, I love all animals, and am astounded by the diversity of creatures of all kinds. Painting pet portraits is a joy, and I especially love to capture the expressions in their eyes, the "windows to the soul".  

Photographer & Photo Restoration Specialist

I've been wielding a camera for decades. Landscapes, nature and animals are some of my favorite subjects, and I enjoy setting up and photographing still life images. 

I have a huge passion for family history, genealogy, and collecting vintage and antique photographs. To me, these fragile and unique images are priceless pieces of history. It pains me to see photographs that are damaged, faded, or even in danger of disintegration. So I also do digital photo restoration and archival preservation.  

Family History & Commemorative Slideshow Presentations

I love to help people create slideshow presentations to commemorate or memorialize the special people in their lives. I can scan your favorite images into a slideshow, and add music to it, for a really special presentation they'll never forget!

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