fine art paintings by Lisa Petry-Burt



Though I've been an artist in various mediums for most of my life, I came to oil painting relatively recently. My art is always evolving, through exploration, observation, imitation, trial and error. I'm inspired by the beauty of the landscapes of the Colorado mountains and plains, and by the wildlife and nature that abounds and surrounds me here. From hamsters to hummingbirds, I love all animals, and am astounded by the diversity of creatures of all kinds. I also enjoy painting domesticated animals, and am currently accepting commissions for pet portraits. I strive to capturing the closest likeness and personality of the animal, especially in the eyes (the "windows to the soul".)  My still life paintings are created by combining old, unusual, beautiful or funky objects and arranging them into vignettes that tell a story, evoke a feeling, or cause a reaction.