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In addition to painting, I'm a passionate photographer, family historian/genealogist, and collector of  vintage and antique photographs. Family history (and history in general) has been a passion since I was a child, and over the years, I've become my family's designated archivist -- my husband's side of the family included (!)  

It's always bothered me to see beautiful or rare photographs that show deterioration -- yellowing, fading or damage -- because these images are precious, irreplaceable pieces of not only my immediate family's history, but posterity's. 98% of my collection lacks negatives and has no duplicates, so if they're lost or destroyed, they're gone forever -- the best insurance policy in the world can't replace them. Since I've taken these images into my care, it's my responsibility to ensure I do everything I can  to preserve them and keep them safe. Thank heaven we live in the digital age! I began scanning my collection years ago, to both preserve them in digital format, and so that I could digitally repair or enhance them.

I love old photographs, and love sharing them, so that's why I've created this page. It's just for fun, and it's a way to get these photos out of the dark recesses of my basement closet, from between pages of old scrapbooks and from the depths of cardboard boxes, back into the light, where they belong! 

The slideshow below shows before & after digital restorations I've performed on some of my photos, none of which had duplicates or negatives. I used both Corel and Adobe photo editing software to digitally repair or enhance them, which is great because the originals are left intact, and the digital copy is preserved forever in a pristine state. I hope others are inspired to preserve their own family photos so that future generations will also be able to see and enjoy the faces and places of their past.

The images shown are all from my personal family archives, or were purchased through flea markets, antique stores or online auctions. I respectfully request that you enjoy them here, and don't reproduce or download them for any commercial purpose or public display without written permission from me. 

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Lisa Petry-Burt

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